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For most people, the vacation begins the moment they begin planning; their interest and anticipation grow as the story of their vacation unfolds. Secondly, people plan their travel in one of three ways; they start with a date, destination, or activity.


Launched in January 2007, these truths were central in the redesign and redevelopment of – our digital strategy favoring a content-based, consumer-centric approach that drove increased visits to the state of Wisconsin.

The custom-built content management system empowered more than 300 trusted content contributors across the state of Wisconsin to create and update more than 60,000 attraction, destination, and event listings on the site.

The site experience featured robust filters that provided contextually relevant content, encouraging the consumer to discover related activities or events based on the content they were currently viewing – increasing the stickiness of the site.

Every Dollar Meant More to Us

Competition in the travel category is fierce and Michigan, Wisconsin’s largest competitor in the region, had a larger marketing budget.

In the first year, unique visitors increased by 9% and organic traffic to the site increased by nearly 30%. This allowed the state to redirect their search engine marketing (SEM) budget to other important digital initiatives. More importantly, we saw an 18% increase of visitors from a major battleground state for us – Illinois.

The new site’s simple, friendly, and engaging content provided a compelling reason to visit our great state, and gave the Wisconsin Department of Tourism improved analytics and insights for them and their partners.


2008 Webby Awards – Honoree in Tourism Category

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