Insight Summit Series

Marquette University


The ever-changing digital landscape means you need to be prepared to provide context and relevance to your consumers. How do we answer the most pressing digital marketing challenges we face today?


The sold-out event featured 28 digital thought leaders, 500+ attendees, and raised over $30,000 to benefit a scholarship fund for students.


The inaugural Digital Marketing Summit was conceived, organized, and executed along with Marquette University to create a forum for the latest innovations in digital marketing covering topics such as planning, content strategy, user experience, e-commerce, social media, customer engagement, media relations, and more.

The Insight Summit Series event was held on March 20, 2013. The first digital marketing conference held at Marquette University was conceived, organized, and executed by Laughlin Constable along with the Diederich College of Communication.

Designed to highlight Milwaukee and the midwest, the Insight Summit Series featured speakers from McDonald’s, Johnson Controls, Master Lock, Quad Graphics, the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, and keynote speaker Matthew McGregor – Director of Digital Rapid Response for Barack Obama’s Reelection Campaign.

We introduced a completely new brand identify, launched a social media presence, deployed the website, and coordinated nearly every detail.

By any measure the event was a success. Primarily marketed through social media and word of mouth, the event sold-out and raised over $30,000 to benefit a scholarship fund for Marquette University students.

VP Digital & Social, GMR Marketing

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