Breastfeeding Journey



A mother’s breastfeeding journey can be a rewarding, though often challenging, experience and the Millennial Mom is very different from her predecessor with differing values, behaviors and media habits.


Medela’s focus is to help moms breastfeed for as long as they choose. This goal is at the heart of everything they do, and we are especially mindful of that commitment when listening and connecting across digital channels.

As part of our social media strategy, it is essential to facilitate a brand relationship that she values and trusts. Our content development plan focuses on helping moms meet their breastfeeding goals, and support their efforts to breastfeed longer. And because our social communities are very active, it is essential that we provide 24/7/365 support and availability.

As a brand we actively participate in conversations, but also facilitate connections and engagement within the community. We do this through active chats, professional support from lactation consultants, promoting key community members and conversations, sharing tips and even casting “Medela Moms” from our Facebook community for our integrated advertising campaigns.

Since we launched Medela’s social media presence in 2010 our Facebook community has grown to more than 80,000 members.

Medela Moments

Our commitment to support moms expanded when we launched the Medela Moments blog in 2011. The journey through motherhood can be the most exciting, and scary, time of her life.

As a mother, the moments of fear, exhaustion, uncertainty and surprise are rewarded when she shares the amazing moments with her little one. With this in mind, we developed the blog to help offer support, breastfeeding tips and solutions for moms and by moms.

Our digital and social channels deliver on one very important promise, that Medela will help moms provide the very best for her baby and support her when she needs it most.


2012 eHealthcare Leadership Awards – Silver in “Best Social Networking” Category

VP Digital & Social, GMR Marketing

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