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Milwaukee Should Embrace Uber and the Sharing Economy

If Milwaukee is serious about becoming a technology hub it’s time for the city to embrace Uber and the Sharing Economy. Besides, if you have ever struggled to find a cab in the city of Milwaukee you have likely cheered Uber’s arrival.

What is an Uber?

Uber is evolving the way the world moves. The service seamlessly connects riders to drivers through an application, simplifying both the action of finding a driver as well as the transaction.

In what is called collaborative consumption, the sharing economy or the peer economy, owners rent out something they are not using, such as a car, house or bicycle to a stranger using these peer-to-peer services.

What is the Sharing Economy?

Riding Uber in Milwaukee

One of the reasons we’ve seen the sharing economy emerge is the host of technologies that enable people and organizations to transact directly. Our economy is evolving, in a way that isn’t that indifferent than the industrial revolution. We shouldn’t apply archaic laws to a new economy and service.

Milwaukee + Uber

While Milwaukee has deferred decisions about Uber, they have taken steps to discourage use of the service. In June, Milwaukee police suggested they may begin “strategic” ticketing of the ride-sharing services.

Tomorrow morning the Milwaukee Common Council will vote on a measure that would severely hinder ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. The ordinance would add red tape and excessive cost to the process of becoming a rideshare driver.

Perhaps the best way to judge whether Uber should be allowed to operate in Milwaukee is from the perspective of the consumer. The common argument against Uber or Lyft comes down to consumer safety. But Uber provides significant improvements over the standard cab experience.

The application makes it very easy to hail a driver as well as show their current location. It simplifies the payment process by completely eliminating a cash transaction. It also allows drivers and riders to rate each other and see their profiles. Valuable, easy, convenient – residents of Milwaukee have shared their praise of the service. 

“By eliminating the cash transaction, you can save time and avoid awkward situations you get where drivers want cash versus credit.”

The city should lift the cap on taxi cab licenses and allowing operations such as Uber and Lyft to operate freely. Being one of the first cities to embrace the Sharing Economy would send a strong signal to business and start-ups that Milwaukee is open to a new way of doing business.

What are your thoughts? Should Uber be allowed to operate in Milwaukee?

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