Food Wars Champion, AJ Bombers for the Win

"Food Wars" host Camille Ford enjoys a burger at AJ Bombers.

The Travel Channel’s “Food Wars” has declared a cheeseburger champion. AJ Bombers has beaten Sobelman’s Pub & Grill, and it wasn’t even close.

Joe Sorge’s cheeseburger was a unanimous choice from the three-judge panel, which included show host Camille Ford, burger expert Josh Ozersky and Kyle Cherek, the host of “Wisconsin Foodie.”

So who did I vote for? During the filming I supported Sobelman’s, and their very worthy signature burger. I also attended the filming for finale that was held at Bar Louie, which means I have know the winner for quite some time.

However, tonight I found myself at AJ Bombers for the “Food Wars” premiere party. How did that happen?

Both establishments held a celebrated the “Food Wars” premiere, and while I do prefer the burger from Sobelman’s I also admire everything Joe Sorge has done to activate the event. From the very beginning Joe, AJ Bombers and the Bomb Squad set out to promote the event through social media, rally their fans and involve the Milwaukee community.

For no other reason, Joe deserved my support. But I am also very fond of his food, AJ Bombers and the very digitally minded crowd you’ll find there.

My final vote? I think I will decide that I love both burgers for very different reasons. How about that Joe, you’ve made a Sobelman’s evangelist become a member of the Bomb Squad!

The AJ Bombers Bomb Squad Badge
After being declared the winner on "Food Wars", AJ Bombers deserves to celebrate. How about it's own Foursquare badge to commemorate the win and their effective use of social media? I recommend the "Bomb Squad" Foursquare badge!

And in the end, Milwaukee was the winner. The city was featured on the Travel Channel, the filming and premiere events created buzz in and around Milwaukee and for Joe Sorge and AJ Bombers – well his social media prowess continues to be featured across the country. From the Wall Street Journal to #TwitterWorks, he has established himself as a local leader and social media pioneer.

The event even drove Sobelman’s, a very traditional business, to create it’s own Twitter account. Now that is a victory!

So congratulations to both establishments for bringing their “A” game and to AJ Bombers for the win! (#ajb4thewin)

What’s next? How about a Foursquare badge to commemorate the win and for their effective use of social media? I recommend the “Bomb Squad” Foursquare badge! Upon unlocking the badge you could be greeted with a message like this:

Bombs away, watch out for those P-Nut Bombs and don’t forget to try the Travel Channel’s “Food Wars” Champion – the Milwaukee Burger. Welcome to AJ Bombers, you are now a member of the Bomb Squad!

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